Chapter 26: Statutory holidays

  Chapter 26 : Statutory holidays Charte – PD-en    26.01    The Employer recognizes the following statutory holidays and non-working days: The period from December 24 to January 2; Good Friday; Easter Monday; The Fête nationale du Québec; Canada Day; Labour Day; Thanksgiving; The Fête de l’Université or a floating holiday. Postdoctoral fellows under contract at … Read More

Chapter 25: Vacation

  Chapter 25 : Vacation Charte – PD-en    25.01    A postdoctoral fellow is entitled to twenty (20) days of paid vacation per year. 25.02    Postdoctoral fellows shall choose when they take their vacation in relation to the nature and the needs of their research projects and in accordance with the activities of other members of … Read More

Chapter 24: Pay

  Chapter 24 : Pay Charte – PD-en    24.01    Salaries are paid from research funds of which the University is a trustee and shall be paid to postdoctoral fellows in accordance with the procedures in place at the University. 24.02    The researcher in charge shall determine a postdoctoral fellow’s salary primarily on the basis of … Read More

Chapter 23: Pension plan

  Chapter 23 : Pension plan Charte – PD-en    23.01    Postdoctoral fellows who are eligible shall have access to the Régime complémentaire de retraite de l’Université (RCRUL), the University’s supplementary pension plan. 23.02    Postdoctoral fellows make up a distinct group. The employer contribution is set at 8%, while that of postdoctoral fellows is 7.6%. The … Read More

Chapter 22: Tuition fee exemption

  Chapter 22 : Tuition fee exemption Charte – PD-en     22.01    A postdoctoral fellow under contract who is receiving a salary shall be eligible, for the sessions for which she or he is under contract and is receiving a salary, for a tuition fee exemption program for her or his children or those of … Read More

Chapter 21: Disability

  Chapter 21 : Disability Charte – PD-en    21.01    “Disability” means, for the first thirty-two (32) months of disability, a state of incapacity resulting from an illness, an accident, a pregnancy or a therapeutic abortion for which medical care is being received and that prevents the employee from performing the usual duties of her or … Read More

Chapter 20: Parental Rights

  Chapter 20 : Parental Rights Charte – PD-en    Maternity leave 20.01    Female postdoctoral fellows under contract are entitled to twenty-one (21) weeks of maternity leave. The postdoctoral fellow shall determine how the maternity leave, which includes the day of the birth, is to be apportioned. 20.02    A female postdoctoral fellow who has accumulated 700 … Read More

Chapter 19: Groupe insurance

  Chapter 19 : Groupe insurance Charte – PD-en    19.01    Within ninety (90) days of the signing of the collective agreement, the Employer shall provide postdoctoral fellows with access to the group insurance plans of research professionals. The Employer’s contribution shall be a maximum of 2% of the total payroll of eligible postdoctoral fellows. Any surplus … Read More

Chapter 18 : Intellectual property

  Chapter 18 : Intellectual property Charte – PD-en    18.01    Postdoctoral fellows participate in the University’s research mission and play a significant role therein. A postdoctoral fellow may be recognized as an author or inventor. 18.02    Postdoctoral fellows shall be subject to the rules in effect at the University in this regard. 18.03    The Union … Read More

Chapter 17: Academic Freedom

  Chapter 17 : Academic Freedom Charte – PD-en    17.01    While respecting the freedom of opinion of others, postdoctoral fellows shall enjoy the freedom of conscience inherent to a public academic institution such as the University. Such freedom may be restricted by the Employer only in accordance with the contractual obligations set out in the … Read More