Chapter 16: Outside professional activities

  Chapter 16 : Outside professional activities Charte – PD-en    16.01    The Parties recognize that outside professional activities engaged in by a postdoctoral fellow may enhance the University’s profile. 16.02    The Employer shall consent to postdoctoral fellows engaging in outside professional activities insofar as they do not compromise the performance of their work for the … Read More

Chapter 15: Work week and schedule

  Chapter 15 : Work week and schedule Charte – PD-en    15.01    The Parties agree that postdoctoral fellows and researchers in charge should show flexibility in determining work schedules for research activities at the University. The Parties recognize that this arrangement is mutually beneficial for researchers in charge and for postdoctoral fellows. 15.02    The normal … Read More

Chapter 14: Training activities

  Chapter 14 : Training activities Charte – PD-en    14.01    A postdoctoral fellow authorized by the researcher in charge to participate in a training activity (courses, presentations, conferences, exchanges, symposiums, workshops, etc.) in her or his field shall agree with the latter on the conditions of this absence, which shall not entail a loss of … Read More

Chapter 13 : Workplace harassment

  Chapter 13 : Workplace harassment Charte – PD-en    13.01    The Employer and the Union shall collaborate for the purpose of fostering a harassment-free workplace. To that end, the Parties may discuss any harassment-related issues, including any measures intended to prevent such harassment. 13.02    The Employer shall take reasonable steps to prevent harassment. When such … Read More

Chapter 12 : Material resources and work-related expenses

  Chapter 12 : Material resources and work-related expenses Charte – PD-en    12.01    The researcher in charge shall identify and shall provide to the postdoctoral fellow a work space and the instruments, materials and equipment that she or he considers necessary to the performance of her or his duties. 12.02    The researcher in charge shall … Read More

Chapter 11 : Access to positions at the University

  Chapter 11 : Access to positions at the University Charte – PD-en    11.01    To help foster the careers of postdoctoral fellows at the University, the University undertakes to consider the applications of postdoctoral fellows with a minimum of one (1) year of seniority for any vacant positions before engaging in external recruitment when the … Read More

Chapter 10: Termination of employment

  Chapter 10 : Termination of employment Charte – PD-en    10.01    The researcher in charge or, in the event the latter is unable to take action, the Employer may terminate a postdoctoral fellow’s employment as a result of any of the following situations: a) departure of researcher in charge from the University and loss of … Read More

Chapter 9: Contract renewal

  Chapter 9 : Contract renewal Charte – PD-en    9.01       The contract shall be renewed up to the end of the placement subject to clauses 8.03 and 10.01 and Chapter 30 relating to disciplinary measures.   Chapter 8: ProbationChapter 10: Termination of employment  

Chapter 8: Probation

  Chapter 8 : Probation Charte – PD-en    8.01       The probation period for postdoctoral fellows shall be a maximum of four (4) months for an initial placement and a maximum of two (2) months for any subsequent placement with a new researcher in charge. 8.02       During the probation period, the postdoctoral fellow’s work as a … Read More

Chapter 7: Selection and hiring

  Chapter 7 : Selection and hiring Charte – PD-en    7.01       The researcher in charge shall select the person she or he believes best meets the requirements of the position. The researcher in charge shall proceed in an equitable and impartial manner. 7.02       The applicant selected must meet the requirements of the position. 7.03       The … Read More