Chapter 6: Description ans posting of positions

  Chapter 6 : Description ans posting of positions Charte – PD-en    6.01       The Parties recognize that postdoctoral fellows shall generally be recruited through direct contact with the researcher in charge or indirectly through one of the researcher’s colleagues. 6.02       In cases in which clause 6.01 does not apply, the researcher in charge shall post … Read More

Chapter 5: Parties’ rights and obligations

  Chapter 5 : Parties’ rights and obligations Charte – PD-en    5.01       The Employer shall possess all of the rights and privileges needed to effectively administer and direct its activities in accordance with its rights and obligations, subject to the provisions of the collective agreement and the applicable legislation. 5.02       The Union shall inform the … Read More

Chapter 4 : Union Recognition

  Chapter 4 : Union Recognition Charte – PD-en    4.01       For the purposes of negotiation and application of the collective agreement, the Employer recognizes the Union as the sole representative of the postdoctoral fellows covered by the bargaining certificate. The Union shall designate the body through which it acts. 4.02       As full members of the … Read More

Chapter 3: Scope

  Chapter 3 : Scope Charte – PD-en    3.01       The collective agreement shall apply to all employees covered by the bargaining certificate presented in Annex A. 3.02       No specific agreement between the Employer and any or all postdoctoral fellows with regard to working conditions that differ from those set out in the collective agreement shall … Read More

Chapter 2 : Definitions

  Chapter 2 : Definitions Charte – PD-en    Unless the context requires otherwise, for the purposes of this agreement, the words, terms and expressions defined in this chapter shall have the meaning and the application attributed to them respectively. 2.01       Outside professional activitiesActivities carried out by a postdoctoral fellow for a third party or on … Read More

Chapter 1 : Preambule

  Chapter 1 : Preambule Charte – PD-en    1.01       This collective agreement is the result of negotiations intended to identify solutions that are beneficial for both the postdoctoral fellows represented by the Syndicat des auxiliaires administratifs, de recherche et d’enseignement (the Union) and all persons involved in research at Université Laval (the University). 1.02       This … Read More

Collective Agreement (postdocs EN)

Collective Agreement Postdocs (English)   Download PDF version. Chapter 1 : Preambule Chapter 2 : Definitions Chapter 3 : Scope Chapter 4 : Union recognition Chapter 5 : Parties’ rights and obligations Chapter 6 : Description and posting of positions Chapter 7 : Selection and hiring Chapter 8 : Probation Chapter 9 : Contract renewal Chapter 10 : Termination of employment Chapter 11 : … Read More