Chapter 33 : Time off for union duties



The Employer shall grant the Union 1000 hours of time off for union duties per fiscal year to cover the work associated with the preparation, negotiation and application of the collective agreement. Of those hours, 300 shall be reserved for the exclusive use of postdoctoral fellows, and 700 other hours may be used by postdoctoral fellows or any other Union member. Time off for union duties shall be paid at the rate of the person taking time off. These hours may be accumulated and transferred from one year to the next.

No later than two (2) working days before it starts, the Union shall submit any requests for time off for a postdoctoral fellow to the Office of the Vice Rector, Human Resources. It shall state the dates as well as the nature of the union activity. The Employer may not refuse such a request without valid reason. A postdoctoral fellow who may be taking time off shall notify the researcher in charge as soon as possible.

The Employer shall grant time off to a postdoctoral fellow mandated by the Union to attend a meeting called by the Employer or agreed upon by the Parties. Unless otherwise agreed, this time shall be counted as time off for union duties as provided under clause 33.01.