Healthcare management account

Supplier : iA Groupe Financier (formerly known as Industrielle Alliance)

Membership requirements

You must have been employed by Université Laval for at least 4 months, without an interruption of more than 6 months, and be covered by the RAMQ.

Membership is automatic and compulsory for everyone, without exception. The forms can be found here.


The insurance company pays $45 per month into a health account in your name. To get this amount, you must have an active contract on the first day of the month. This amount is used to pay for things that are not covered by the health insurance, even the deductible, as long as they are medical expenses as defined by the Income Tax Act.

It can also be used to pay medical expenses for your spouse or children, even if you have chosen the individual plan.

The money remains available in the account until 31 December of the year following its deposit.

How much does it cost ?

It’s paid 100 % by the university!