Supplier : iA Groupe Financier (formerly known as Industrielle Alliance)

Membership requirements

To be eligible, you must have been employed by Université Laval for at least 4 months, without an interruption of more than 6 months, and be covered by the RAMQ. Membership is mandatory, unless you are already covered by your spouse’s insurance. The forms can be found here.


The insurance company reimburses 80% of the covered expenses, with some exceptions at 100%.
Examples of covered expenses (Full list available here) :


  • Prescription drugs
  • Ambulance
  • Diabetic accessories
  • Orthopaedic appliances
  • Artificial limbs

How much does it costs?

Plan Postdoc costs
(per pay)
Costs for University

(per pay)

Yearly allowance
(Postdoc only)
0 $ 25,47 $ 50 $
Single parent
(Postdoc and children)
0 $ 38,22 $ 75 $
(Postdoc and spouse)
25,47 $
(Spouse only)
25,47 $ 100 $
(Postdoc, children and spouse)
25,47 $
(Spouse only)
38,22 $ 125 $

How to file a declaration?

This involves filling in a form and sending it to the company. The forms are available here.

Most pharmacies have a direct connection with the insurance companies and will automatically make your claim before billing you. However, if your pharmacy does not, or if you are claiming for something other than medication, here is the procedure to follow:


  • Pay for the drug or service.
  • Fill in the form.
  • Photocopy the receipts and form (keep for your records).
  • Send the ORIGINALS to the address on the form.