Chapter 36: Term of collective agreement

  Chapter 36 : Term of collective agreement Charte – PD-en    36.01    The collective agreement comes into effect on September 1, 2015, and shall end on August 31, 2018. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Employer shall implement administrative tools and mechanisms in support of the non-monetary clauses of the collective agreement by January 4, 2016. All rights … Read More

Chapter 35: Strikes and lockouts

  Chapter 35 : Strikes and lockouts Charte – PD-en    35.01    The Parties agree that there will not be a strike or lockout during the term of this agreement. The Union shall not call for, encourage or support any work slowdown intended to reduce the normal performance of postdoctoral fellows.   Chapter 34: Information sharingChapter … Read More

Chapter 34: Information sharing

  Chapter 34 : Information sharing Charte – PD-en    34.01    List of personal information Every Monday, the Employer shall make accessible to the Union an electronic list containing the personal information of every assistant under contract. That information is as follows: Family name, given name, sex and employee number; Date of birth; IDUL (Université Laval … Read More

Chapter 33 : Time off for union duties

  Chapter 33 : Time off for union duties Charte – PD-en     33.01    The Employer shall grant the Union 1000 hours of time off for union duties per fiscal year to cover the work associated with the preparation, negotiation and application of the collective agreement. Of those hours, 300 shall be reserved for the … Read More

Chapter 32: Use of University space and services

  Chapter 32 : Use of University space and services Charte – PD-en    32.01    The Employer shall make a space available to the Union. The Parties shall sign a lease to that effect. 32.02    The Employer shall authorize the Union to use appropriate spaces to hold union meetings, in accordance with the regulations in effect at … Read More

Chapter 31: Union membership and dues

  Chapter 31 : Union membership and dues Charte – PD-en    Union membership 31.01    Upon being hired, every new postdoctoral fellow shall become a card-carrying member of the Union and shall complete the union membership form that the Employer has sent to her or him by email. The terms and conditions relating to the membership … Read More

Chapter 30: Disciplinary measures

  Chapter 30 : Disciplinary measures Charte – PD-en    30.01    A postdoctoral fellow could be subject to disciplinary measures in the form of a written warning, suspension or dismissal depending on the severity or the frequency of the misconduct. 30.02    Before a suspension or dismissal is imposed, the Office of the Vice Rector, Human Resources, … Read More

Chapter 29: Labour relations, grievances and adjudication

  Chapter 29 : Labour relations, grievances and adjudication Charte – PD-en    Labour relations committee 29.01    The labour relations committee shall be composed of a maximum of five (5) Employer representatives and a maximum of five (5) Union representatives. It shall adopt rules of procedure and operation. 29.02    The labour relations committee shall meet once … Read More

Chapter 28: Leave without pay

  Chapter 28 : Leave without pay Charte – PD-en    28.01    A researcher in charge may grant leave without pay to a postdoctoral fellow for a period not to exceed three (3) months, for any reason the researcher in charge considers reasonable. 28.02    In the absence of provisions or an agreement providing otherwise, a postdoctoral … Read More

Chapter 27: Time off and leave

  Chapter 27 : Time off and leave Charte – PD-en    Notification of absence 27.01    Subject to the specific provisions below, if a postdoctoral fellow is unable to work, she or he shall notify the researcher in charge as soon as possible and shall state the reason. Personal leave 27.02    A postdoctoral fellow is entitled … Read More