Chapter 12 : Material resources and work-related expenses



The researcher in charge shall identify and shall provide to the postdoctoral fellow a work space and the instruments, materials and equipment that she or he considers necessary to the performance of her or his duties.


The researcher in charge shall be responsible for authorizing expenses and for covering the cost.


A postdoctoral fellow must obtain the agreement of the researcher in charge before tacitly or formally incurring any expenses.


The cost of travel and of the instruments, materials and safety equipment acquired by a postdoctoral fellow to carry out her or his work shall be paid to the latter in accordance with the standards in effect at the University or in the research project.


Travel required for the work shall be considered time worked. The employee shall not incur any costs in connection with such travel.


Any equipment and materials that are acquired shall remain the University’s property.


Any instruments, staff, materials or equipment made available to a postdoctoral fellow shall be used solely to render her or his services to the Employer.