Chapter 18 : Intellectual property



Postdoctoral fellows participate in the University’s research mission and play a significant role therein. A postdoctoral fellow may be recognized as an author or inventor.


Postdoctoral fellows shall be subject to the rules in effect at the University in this regard.


The Union shall be consulted during the development and implementation of any regulation or policy on this subject.


In the spirit of clause 18.01, the rules of federal and provincial funding agencies in this regard, and government policies on science and innovation, the Employer shall ensure the protection of the intellectual property rights of postdoctoral fellows through its regulations and policies.


Any disagreement or dispute between a postdoctoral fellow and another member of the University community in respect of a postdoctoral fellow’s participation in an invention or creation shall be treated in accordance with the regulations and policies on intellectual property, integrity in research and creation, and conflicts of interest.