Chapter 2 : Definitions


Unless the context requires otherwise, for the purposes of this agreement, the words, terms and expressions defined in this chapter shall have the meaning and the application attributed to them respectively.

2.01       Outside professional activities
Activities carried out by a postdoctoral fellow for a third party or on the latter’s behalf.

2.02       Fiscal year
The University’s fiscal year runs from May 1 to April 30 of the following year.

2.03       Bargaining certificate
The bargaining certificate that appears in Annex A and any amendments thereto.

2.04       Researcher in charge
A professor or other member of the University’s teaching staff receiving research funds from which at least one postdoctoral fellow is paid in connection with her or his research activities at the University. She or he acts in an individual capacity or as director of a research centre or an institute recognized by the university council or the board of directors and is responsible for all matters relating to the postdoctoral fellow’s work.

2.05       Spouse
A person of the same sex or the opposite sex who

  1. is married to or in a civil union with and cohabitates with a postdoctoral fellow;
  2. is in a conjugal relationship with a postdoctoral fellow and is the parent of a child or unborn child with the postdoctoral fellow;
  3. has been in a conjugal relationship with a postdoctoral fellow for at least one year.

2.06        Employer
Université Laval.

2.07       Research team
Two or more professors or other members of the University’s teaching staff who have obtained funds together for research activities.

2.08       Research fund
Fund that the University administers and that consist of grants, awards, sponsorships, contracts and any other form of funding from the University, a research team, an outside organization or a public or private enterprise for the completion of research work carried out in connection with the University’s objectives.

2.09        Grievance
A dispute relating to the interpretation or application of the collective agreement.

2.10        Harassment
Vexatious conduct that manifests itself in the form of ongoing conduct, verbal comments, actions or gestures, of a sexual nature or otherwise, that is hostile or unwanted, that affects the dignity or the psychological or physical integrity of a member of the University or a third party and that results in a harmful work, learning or service delivery environment for that person. A single incident of serious conduct may also constitute harassment if it has such an effect and results in an ongoing harmful impact for the person (Règlement pour prévenir et contrer le harcèlement à l’Université Laval).

2.11       Working day
Designates working days from Monday to Friday inclusive, excluding the statutory holidays set out in Article 26.

2.12        Parties
The Employer and the Union.

2.13        Union representative
Any person duly authorized by the Union to represent it.

2.14        Postdoctoral fellow
Any employee covered by the bargaining certificate.

2.15        Union


2.16       University
Université Laval.

2.17       Unit
A faculty, department, school, research centre or institute.

2.18        Vice-President
The Vice-President, Human Resources, who may act through one of her or his agents.