Chapter 20 : Groupe insurance



The Employer shall provide postdoctoral fellows with access to the group insurance plans for research professionals. The Employer’s contribution shall be a maximum of 2% of the total payroll of eligible postdoctoral fellows.

Any surplus shall be the responsibility of the participants.


The Employer shall offer every eligible person an individual health account to pay for expenses not covered under the health insurance plan. These flexible credits shall be funded from the Employer contribution set out in clause 20.01.

The amounts allocated shall be established before the start of each calendar year and, subject to the following provision, shall be used in the calendar year for which they have been allocated.

Amounts not used during the previous calendar year shall be carried over to the current calendar year. At the end of the current year, transferred amounts that are still unused shall be reallocated to the payment of the health insurance plan premiums provided for in clause 20.01.