Chapter 26 : Vacation



A postdoctoral fellow is entitled to twenty (20) days of paid vacation per year.


Postdoctoral fellows shall choose when they take their vacation in relation to the nature and the needs of their research projects and in accordance with the activities of other members of the unit or the research team.

The postdoctoral fellow shall declare the vacation in HR’s information and management system.


Vacations shall be taken before the placement ends. In exceptional circumstances, a postdoctoral fellow who has vacation days remaining at the end of the placement shall receive the balance in pay.

Vacations may not be replaced by extra pay.


A postdoctoral fellow whose employment terminates before the projected end of the placement shall repay the employer, where applicable, for the anticipated vacation days in excess of the number of vacation days calculated in accordance with the terms and conditions set out in clause 26.01 on the basis of the actual term of the employment.