Chapter 29 : Leave without pay



A researcher in charge may grant a full or partial leave without pay to a postdoctoral fellow for a period not to exceed three (3) months, for any reason the researcher in charge considers reasonable.


In the absence of provisions or an agreement providing otherwise, a postdoctoral fellow on leave without pay shall not be entitled to the benefits set out in this agreement.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, during a leave without pay, the insured postdoctoral fellow must maintain her or his medical insurance by paying her or his insurance premium as well as the Employer’s premium prorated to the leave.


Upon the postdoctoral fellow’s return to work, the Employer shall reinstate her or him in the position she or he held as long as it is still available.

After reaching an agreement with the researcher in charge, a postdoctoral fellow who submits a written request to that effect may be reinstated in the position she or he held before her or his leave without pay expires, as long as the position is still available.