Chapter 31 : Disciplinary measures



A postdoctoral fellow could be subject to disciplinary measures in the form of a written warning, suspension or dismissal depending on the severity or the frequency of the misconduct.


Before a suspension or dismissal is imposed, the Office of the Vice-President, Human Resources, shall meet with the postdoctoral fellow within a reasonable time to obtain the latter’s version of the facts.  The notification to attend the meeting shall indicate the date and location of the meeting as well as the reason. It shall advise the postdoctoral fellow that she or he may be accompanied by a Union representative. A copy of the notification shall be forwarded to the Union within the same time frame.


When a disciplinary measure is imposed on a postdoctoral fellow, it shall be sent by email in an attachment. The Union shall receive a copy of the correspondence.


Disciplinary measures shall be imposed for just and sufficient cause, and the burden of proof shall lie with the Employer.


A disciplinary measure shall be removed from a postdoctoral fellow’s file twelve (12) months after the date on which the measure was imposed if there has been no further misconduct of a similar nature within that twelve (12)-month period.


Disciplinary measures may not be based on anonymous documents. If the adjudicator is of the opinion that an anonymous document served as the basis for the Employer’s decision, whether in whole or in part, the use of such a document shall constitute a reason to set aside the decision.


As of September 30 of each year, the Employer shall send the Union a list, by faculty and by unit, indicating the number and the type of disciplinary measures applied to postdoctoral fellows during the university year that has just ended.