Chapter 32 : Union membership and dues


Union membership


Upon being hired, every new postdoctoral fellow shall become a card-carrying member of the Union and shall complete the union membership form that the Employer has sent to her or him by email. The terms and conditions relating to the membership form are presented in Annex E.


The postdoctoral fellow shall return the completed membership form to the Union at the email address indicated by the Employer.


The Employer shall forward to the Union a copy of the email sent to each postdoctoral fellow under clause 32.02.


The fact that a postdoctoral fellow waives her or his right to be a member of the Union shall not affect her or his engagement or employment relationship.

Union Dues


The Employer shall deduct an amount equal to the dues set by the Union from the postdoctoral fellow’s salary for each pay period.

The Employer shall send the dues that have been collected to the Union or to the organization designated by the Union through direct deposit.


When the dues that have been collected are transferred, the Employer shall send to the Union electronically a list that includes the following information for each postdoctoral fellow:

  • Family name and given name;
  • Employee number and contract number;
  • Salary paid for the pay period;
  • Amount withheld for union dues for the pay period.


The Union shall send the Employer a copy of the resolutions adopted by the general assembly of members regarding regular or special union dues as well as a copy of the various bylaws.