Chapter 34 : Time off for union duties



The Employer shall grant the Union 800 hours of time off for union duties per fiscal year to cover the work associated with the application of the collective agreement. For the preparation and negotiation of the collective agreement, the Employer shall provide the Union with 150 hours of time off for union duties to represent the postdoctoral fellows, starting in the year preceding the expiration of the collective agreement. Amounts not used during the negotiation shall be added to the union duty bank for general business. Time off for union duties shall be paid at the rate of the postdoctoral fellow taking time off. When the person taking time off is an assistant, she or he shall be paid the hourly salary of a research assistant or teaching assistant based on her or his level of studies. When the person taking time off is a CAE attendant, she or he shall be paid in accordance with the hourly salary of a Physical Attendant. These hours may be accumulated and transferred from one year to the next.


No later than two (2) working days before it starts, the Union shall submit any requests for time off for a postdoctoral fellow to the Office of the Vice Rector, Human Resources. It shall state the dates as well as the nature of the union activity. The Employer may not refuse such a request without valid reason. A postdoctoral fellow who may be taking time off shall notify the researcher in charge as soon as possible.


The Employer shall grant time off to a postdoctoral fellow mandated by the Union to attend a meeting called by the Employer or agreed upon by the Parties. Unless otherwise agreed, this time shall be counted as time off for union duties as provided under clause 34.01.


A postdoctoral fellow can be granted time off to participate in a union activity at the request of the Union if the researcher in charge agrees. In this case, the Employer shall continue to pay the postdoctoral fellow during the time off, including for travel time and participation in the activity. The Union shall send the number of hours used for union duties to the researcher in charge and the Vice-Rector for billing purposes within ten (10) working days of the activity’s end. The Union shall reimburse the Employer for the salary paid during the time off for union duties, including the sum paid towards employee benefits, within thirty (30) days of invoice receipt.

34.05     Transitional measures

Clause 34.01 comes into effect on May 1, 2019, namely following the end of the 2018-2019 fiscal year. When clause 34.01 comes into effect, unused union duty hours reserved exclusively for postdoctoral fellows under Article 33.01 of the 2015-2018 collective agreement shall be added to the union leave bank provided for under Article 34.01 of this collective agreement.