Chapter 7 : Selection and hiring


The researcher in charge shall select the person she or he believes best meets the requirements of the position.

The researcher in charge shall proceed in an equitable and impartial manner.

The applicant selected must meet the requirements of the position.

The researcher in charge and the postdoctoral fellow shall agree on the terms and conditions of the placement.

The researcher in charge shall submit to the Vice-President a letter or email attesting to this placement agreement and its acceptance.

Placements shall generally be for a minimum of twelve (12) months, and the term of the placement shall appear in the initial contract and subsequent contracts.

The employment shall be confirmed through an initial contract, a copy of which shall be forwarded to the Union.

The Employer shall notify the postdoctoral fellow by email regarding the existence of the collective agreement, which shall be accessible through the website of the Office of the Vice Rector, Human Resources.

The Employer shall forward a copy of this email to the Union.

To facilitate her or his integration, the Employer shall give the employee one (1) hour off within the first fifteen (15) days of the latter’s employment for a meeting with her or his union representative.

A postdoctoral fellow’s employment-related documents shall be retained in a personnel file kept at the unit, where the postdoctoral fellow may review it upon request.

Postdoctoral fellows may review their files by accessing the self-service function of the human resources information and management system.