Health Management Account



Provider: iA Groupe Financier (formerly known as Industrielle Alliance)

Membership terms

You have to work for the university for 4 months, without any breaks longer than 6 months, and be covered by RAMQ. The forms can be found here.

Enrolment is mandatory for all. There is no exception.


The insurance company deposits $45 per month in an account to your name. To earn that amount, you need to have a valid contract on the 1st day of the month.

This money is used to pay anything that isn’t covered by the Medical insurance, even the deductible, as long as it qualifies as a medical expense under the law (Loi de l’impôt sur le revenu). It can just as well be used to pay for medical expenses for your spouse or children, even if you subscribed to the individual plan.

The money stays available in the account until the 31st of December of the year following the deposit (e.g. money from March 2016 is available until December 2017).

How much does it cost? 

 100 % paid for by the University!